Why Are We Different than other Peat Moss Suppliers or Manufacturers?

Peat Works’ core mission is founded on Environmental Restoration Efforts

We know that thousands of migrating waterfowl seek out wetlands during the spring and fall months to restore their energy and find a food source before continuing on with their journey. But we realize wetlands are invaluable not only to waterfowl and many other wildlife species, but are also a critical and productive ecosystem in many other ways! Wetlands improve flood storage by retaining water and minimizing drought and floods, they help with groundwater recharge ensuring a sustainable water supply, and improve our air quality.

The Strategic Partnership Between
Wetlands and Peat

Within the Rice Lake Goose Refuge just outside of Lake Mills, Iowa, our wetlands restoration project is underway. In the course of establishing these wetlands, a high grade hypnum peat is being removed and shredded. By purchasing our Peat you are directly advancing the resources we need to complete our restoration efforts and meet our core mission.

Uses for our Peat include:
• Soybean Inoculants
• Bio-Energy
• Bio-Filtration Systems
• Living Roofs
High Grade Hypnum Peat Moss
a by-product in creating wetlands