Soybean Inoculants

Inoculants are formulated and sold as powders, granules or liquids. Our Peat is used as a carrier to keep the organism alive and aid in application.

Our Peat is currently being used in an experimental process of putting algae under stress and the resultant is the manufacture of ethanol.
Bio Filtration

Our Peat is used in water filtration, such as for the treatment of septic tank effluent, as well as for urban runoff.

Living Roofs

Our Peat is used to build roof coverings that use vegetation in their engineered design. They offer multiple environmental benefits, including reducing energy consumption required to heat and cool buildings, minimizing the quantity of water runoff from rooftops, and lowering the heat island effect in cities. 

High Grade Hypnum Peat Moss
a by-product in creating wetlands